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alaya our mission

To bring forth the higher knowing of Cosmic Order (the One Self that is all Life) into physical manifestation within the consciousness
of the human family and to support the emerging and ever-evolving New Consciousness expression and presence of the True Self that is all of Life. 


Established in 1990. Alaya is a 501(c)3 non-profit spiritual organization led and founded by Ishvara. By definition Alaya means "indissoluble" or incapable of division, the root of all that is. Alaya is the knowing in the New Consciousness that everything is connected and forms a wholeness.

ishvara • OUR FOUNDER

Over the years, in a state of awakening and of unfolding insight, Ishvara has seen humanity's need for an example of what it can be. Ishvara is a way-shower who exemplifies what is possible when one transcends the normal conditional mindset with its beliefs and rigid thinking of the past. This possibility can become a growing actuality when one allows that there is much more to humanity's ability to live in this world than what has been believed. Ishvara is here to exemplify this change, showing ways to uniquely perceive and embody it.

From 1987 through 2017, Ishvara led many retreats and gatherings in North America and Europe. Ishvara now lives in semi-retirement in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. However, he continues to give live Sunday talks available on,
and to provide ongoing support and guidance to students throughout the world. Alaya has archived over 2,000 Inspired Talks (Satsangs/Darshans) that Ishvara has given over the many years. He says: “My presence on the planet is doing what I came
here to do. I have planted the New Consciousness in humanity.  It is now up to people to climb up to it, to become the
New Human moment-by-moment.”  



enlifement community  an EVOLVING alliance

Ishvara is the living example of what Alaya calls "EnLifement": an embodiment of Life eternally becoming and evolving, beyond beliefs, systems and structures. In order to facilitate and support the process of EnLifement, the Alaya organization and friends have founded the EnLifement Community. To journey with the EnLifement Community is the path of ongoing discovery and empowerment of your true uniqueness, potential and purpose as you evolve into an ever more efficient receptacle of the Cosmos. 


The EnLifement Community is also an alliance of people based on the awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness and unlimited possibilities. When you embrace EnLifement, you become a part of the community of people who are helping bring humanity to an accelerated and transforming level of awareness. You start to realize your unlimitedness, undistorted by beliefs, concepts, systems or structures. In this clarity, radical transformation can occur at an accelerated pace, without effort or strain.  





"Energizing your power to transform, creating a new life, a new and powerful way of being in the world."


Alaya presents...

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